In order to be able to pump the pumped liquids in a controlled manner to, for example, a barrel or tank, Kin Pumps has a number of nozzles in its range. These nozzles are available for various applications and different pump capacities. The nozzles do not cause the pump to switch off, a number of pumps in our range are themselves equipped with a mechanism that switches off the pump if it is not removed. For pumps that are not equipped with this, you can do this manually or you can use a pressure switch here.

Pistoolkraan Automatisch


Pistoolkraan Ad Blue

50LTR adblue

Pistoolkraan kunststof 380 x 320

Nozzle plastic

Pistoolkraan Automatisch

50ltr automatic

Pistoolkraan Automatisch

90ltr automatic

Pistoolkraan Automatisch

120ltr automatic