Pressure Switches

The Kin Pumps Pressure Switches have been developed to automatically control the pumps (start and stop) and to protect the pump against dry-running. The Kin Pumps pressure switches are easy to install and therefore suitable for many applications. The Kin Pumps pressure switches are often used where pumps are used standalone. This eliminates the need for external control and allows the system to control itself. Standalone applications are, for example, rainwater reuse pumps, irrigation pumps.


Technical Features

The Kin Pumps pressure switches are standard 230V and suitable for 50Hz and 60Hz. For a number of pressure switches, it is important that the pump delivers a certain minimum pressure, please refer to the technical features of the corresponding pressure switch.


Productfoto CSP-10 Control

csp-10 control

Kin Pumps Control

kin pumps control