Pump consoles

With the Kin Pumps Pump Consoles it is easy to mount pumps against a wall at height. This has a number of major advantages. If the height is correct, it is easy to inspect and maintain the pump. The pump installation is often placed in a basement, with the risk that in case of heavy rain or possible flooding this area will be flooded first. By placing the pump by means of a pump console at height, the pump will be free of water damage.

The pump consoles are equipped with vibration dampers which absorb the vibrations of the pump and are not passed on to the wall to which the console is attached.

The pump consoles are available in the following materials: Stainless steel 304 and galvanised steel.

Productfoto Pompconsole


Productfoto Pompconsole

Pump consoles galvanised

Productfoto Pompconsole

Stainless-steel Pump consoles