Rainwater reuse

Kin Pumps has put together a number of sets for the reuse of rainwater in which the necessary accessories have been added directly to the pump so that you no longer have to put it together yourself. Because of the experience in the segment Rainwater reuse, Kin Pumps has chosen to put together these sets in order to immediately have the right accessories for your system. 

For now, there are only sets available based on the Auto pressure Sub 1200. This pump has a maximum capacity of 100 l/min and a maximum pressure of approx. 40 mwc (4 bar) and is equipped with an internal pump control.

The sets for Rainwater reuse can be delivered including a suction tube or a suction hose. Both versions have the option of an expansion kit.


Product image Auto Pressure Sub Hose


Productphoto Auto Pressure Sub MVL

autopressure sub 1200 mvl

Productphoto Auto Pressure Sub MVL Kit

autopressure sub 1200 mvl kit

Productfoto Auto Pressure Sub Hose

autopressure sub 1200 hose

Productfoto Auto Pressure Sub Hose Kit

autopressure sub 1200 hose kit