Submersible‌ ‌set‌ 

Kin Pumps also has a number of application sets for submersible pumps. These submersible  sets are ideal for applications where the pump needs to be transported regularly or stored for longer periods of time.  Applications you can think of are the pumps for contractors and or roofers who take this box with them as standard and can always pump away the excess water where necessary. A submersible  set is also ideal for people with a basement who want to be prepared in case the basement is flooded during storms.

All submersible sets are equipped with a handy box which makes them easy to transport and store. These boxes are large enough so that the pump and the standard supplied hose fit easily.


Primo Vlakzuigkit


productphoto AS-400 Box

as-400 box

productphoto AS-400A Box

as-400a box

Productphoto Suction kit

Suction kit