Multirain Jet control

The Multirain Jet Control pumps are self-priming hydrophore pumps with electric pump control. This pump control ensures that the pump starts immediately as soon as there is a water intake and stops automatically as soon as the water intake stops.

The pumps are very silent, approx. 58 dBA at a distance of 1 metre, so this pump will give little or no noise nuisance. Due to the multiple impellers, the pumps have a high head, which makes this pump very suitable for rainwater reuse.

multirain jet control

technical specifications

The pumps can pump clean water with a maximum medium temperature of 40 °C. The Multirain Jet Control is available in 3 versions, the Multirain Jet 3 and 4 have a maximum capacity of 90 l/min (5.4 m3/h) and a maximum pressure of 32 mwc (3.2 bar) and 44 mwc (4.4 bar) respectively. The largest version, the Multirain Jet 5, even delivers up to 100 l/min (6 m3/h) and a maximum pressure of 54 mwc (5.4 bar).

application areas

The mentioned capacities and pressures are more than sufficient to reuse the rainwater for e.g. garden irrigation and flushing or filling cisterns of toilets in private homes but also for office buildings.

The Multirain Jet Control pumps are completely made from corrosion-resistant materials.



multirain jet control 3


multirain jet control 4


multirain jet control 5