SKT 1000

The intelligent SKT 1000 booster pump, with permanent magnet motor and variable frequency, is a new generation of water supply equipment.

The pump is composed of a controller, permanent magnet motor, an electric pump and a pressure tank. The electric pump has a centrifugal impeller and a guide vane construction.

The SKT 1000 is a pump that is different from other pumps. The pump is featured by large flow, stable operation, low noise, attractive appearance, compact structure, and easy installation and operation. It can automatically adjust the operating frequency according to users' requirements to ensure constant pressure of users' pipe network and make the system run in a more efficient and energy saving manner.

SKT 1000

technical specifications

The pumped medium is clean water and other liquids with similar property to water.

The temperature of medium ranges from 0°C till + 60°C.

The pH value of medium is 6.5 - 8.5.

The volume ratio of solid impurities is no more than 0.1%, and the
particle size is no greater than 0.2mm.


application areas

The capacities and pressures mentioned are more than sufficient to reuse the rainwater for, for example, garden irrigation and flushing or filling toilet cisterns at private homes, but also for office buildings.

The SKT 1000 is perfect for multiple pressure increases within a house. Think of your shower, bathtub, washing machine and kitchen sink.