Jet Pumps

The Kin Pumps jet pumps are self-priming pumps that can be used in various applications.

They have a protection class of IP55 and are therefore suitable for use in industry (shipping). Additionally, these pumps are suitable for pumping up groundwater. Due to their maximum suction height, up to 8 metres*. The jet pumps can also deliver a relatively high pressure and are therefore ideal for use as a sprinkler pump for your garden.

* under the most ideal conditions

Jet pompen

Technical Features

The pumps can pump clean water with a maximum medium temperature of 70 °C. Partly due to this temperature, the pump makes it possible to pump liquids with a higher temperature.

Kin Pumps jet pumps are available in 3 designs, the CMD (stainless steel), TCH (synthetic) and the HRD (cast iron). They have a maximum capacity of 90 l/min (5.4 m³/h) and a maximum pressure of 32 mwk (3.2 bar) and 44 mwk (4.4 bar) respectively.

The largest version, the Multirain Jet 5, delivers even up to 100 l/min (6 m³/h) and a maximum pressure of 54 mwk (5.4 bar). The Multirain jet pumps are made entirely of corrosion-resistant materials and are part of the multi-stage pump segment.


The capacities and pressures mentioned are more than sufficient to reuse the rainwater. For example garden irrigation and for flushing or filling the cisterns of private toilets, but also for office buildings.


CMD 100

cmd 100

HRD 100

hrd 100

TCH 100

tch 100

Jet garden 120

Jet garden 120