The Kin Pumps Libelle self-priming diaphragm pumps are specially designed for pumping AdBlue®. 

The Libelle pumps are made exclusively of corrosion-resistant materials and always have a built-in relief valve. 

Libelle diaphragm pumps are dry self-priming and therefore do not need to be pre-poured with the liquid to be pumped. Libelle diaphragm pumps have a plastic pump housing and Viton diaphragms and are therefore suitable for pumping light chemical liquids as well as Ad Blue®.

The Kin Pumps Libelle FL540 pump can be fitted with a pressure sensor which ensures that the pump starts automatically as soon as fluid is requested and stops again as soon as the discharge has been stopped. A number of Libelle pumps are even provided with this pressure sensor as standard.


The Kin Pumps Libelle pumps have a maximum head of 15mwk (1.5 bar) and are available in various capacities. The available models are the Libelle FL 508, the Libelle FL5035 and the Libelle FL540, whereby the FL 508 has a maximum capacity of 8 l/min (0.48 m³/h), the FL 5035 has a maximum capacity of 35 l/min (2.1 m³/h). The FL540 is the largest pump in this series and has a maximum capacity of 40 l/min (2.4 m³/h).

The FL 540 and the FL 508 are available in 230 V. The FL 508, like the FL 5035, is also available in a 12 V version. If only 24v is available, only the FL 5035 is available in this voltage.

Kin Pumps Libelle pumps are also available as complete sets with hoses and dispense gun. For the various possibilities, please see the AdBlue Application Sets.


Libelle FL508

Technical Features

  • Fully corrosion resistant materials
  • Dry self-priming
  • Max. fluid temperature: 45 °C
  • Flow rate up to 40 l/min


Libelle FL508 12v

libelle fl508 12v

Libelle FL508

libelle fl508

Libelle FL540

libelle fl540

Libelle FL5030 12v

libelle fl5030 12v

Libelle FL5035 24v

libelle fl5035 24v