The AOD are very robust stainless-steel wastewater submersible pumps. The pumps are equipped with a double mechanical shaft seal. The mechanical seal is made of wear-resistant materials (silicon carbide) on the fluid side to ensure high reliability. The pumps are equipped with a vortex impeller with a ball passage of 35 mm. The submersible pumps of the AOD series, when fully submerged, are suitable for continuous operation and can pump liquids up to 35 °C. 

The AOD submersible pumps are available in a version with float, AOD 75A, and a version without float, AOD 75.

Product image AOD 75

technical specifications

With a maximum capacity of 260 l/min (15.6 m3/h) and a maximum head of approx. 9 mwc, these pumps are suitable for draining wastewater, rainwater (e.g. at loading and unloading docks) and sewage water.

application areas

Because of this passage and its wear-resistant shaft seal, this pump is extremely suitable for pumping wastewater for both private and industrial applications.