auto pressure sub

The Auto Pressure Sub submersible pumps are ideal pumps for reuse of rainwater. This pump is extremely silent because it is placed in the rainwater tank.

To ensure a functional operation, these pumps have an integrated electronic control. This means that the pump switches on automatically as soon as water is discharged in the system and stops as soon as the water discharge stops.

The Auto Pressure Sub is currently only available as the Auto Pressure Sub 1200. There are several possibilities as Rainwater reuse set. Please refer to the application sets of Kin Pumps.

Product image Auto Pressure Sub 1200

technical specifications

To ensure that the Auto Pressure Sub always pumps clean rainwater, it is equipped with a 1” connection instead of a suction grid. This 1”-connection makes it easy to connect the right appendage for your application. Examples of this are the MVL set Amphibian and the Floating suction hose Tronic, more information about this can be found under Accessories.

The Auto Pressure Sub pumps are equipped with multiple impellers which gives the pump a maximum head of 40 mwc (4 bar). Together with the maximum capacity of 100 l/min (6 m3/h), this is more than sufficient to reuse the rainwater for e.g. garden irrigation and flushing or filling toilet cisterns. 

The pump is made entirely of corrosion-resistant materials such as stainless steel and plastic.


Productfoto Auto pressure sub 1200

auto pressure sub 1200

Productphoto Auto Pressure Sub MVL Kit

Auto Pressure Sub 1200 MVL Kit

Productphoto Auto Pressure Sub MVL

Auto Pressure Sub 1200 MVL

Productfoto Auto Pressure Sub Hose Kit

Auto Pressure Sub 1200 Hose Kit

Productfoto Auto Pressure Sub Hose

Auto Pressure Sub 1200 Hose