The submersible pump BKB is the central pressurization unit for your rainwater harvesting system. By connectable Floating extraction the cleanest water is pumped from the storage tank. The integrated circuit including automatic check valve controls the submersible pump volume flow and pressure dependent.

For a pressure drop (opening the consumer), the submersible pump switches on automatically. Once the maximum pressure (consumer closed) is rebuilt and no current flows more volume, the submersible pump is switched off. In addition, the automatic switch includes a dry-run protection, which switches off the pump at a dry run and protects against damage. The already integrated vessel-tank reduces number of starts leaking from consumers and thus increases the life of the submersible pump.


technical specifications

  • Pressure output above, simple compact installation, superior performance
  • Dual mechanical seal, secure and reliable
  • Self-cooling
  • Linear plastic housing, stainless steel cylinder
  • No overloading of the motor during operation
  • Multi-stage impellers with high efficiency
  • Single-phase with thermal protector, therefor long engine life
  • Dry run protection
  • Adjustable starting pressure

application areas

To ensure that the BKB always pumps clean rainwater, it is equipped with a 1” connection instead of a suction grid. This 1”-connection makes it easy to connect the right appendage for your application. Examples of this are the MVL set Amphibian and the Floating suction hose Tronic, more information about this can be found under Accessories.

The BKB pumps have more than enough capacity to reuse the rainwater for, for example, garden irrigation and flushing or filling toilet cisterns.



BKB 750M


BKB 1000M