The BKL submersible pumps are compact and robust wastewater pumps. The compact structure ensures that the pumps fit in a 20 x 20-centimetre sump. Because of its double shaft seal with a mechanical seal made of wear-resistant materials (silicon carbide) on the pump side, the cast iron pump housing and cast-iron vortex impeller, these pumps are suitable for heavy use.

The BKL pumps are available in two different types, called the BKL 1.0M and the BKL 1.5M. Both pumps are available in two versions, with a traditional floating float (addition /A) or with a wastewater float (addition M/VV). The version with a wastewater float is also equipped with a manual/automatic switch so that the float operation can be switched off. 

BKL serie

technical specifications

Both types can pump a liquid with a maximum temperature of 40 °C. The BKL 1.0M has a maximum capacity of 135 l/min (8.1 m3/h) with a maximum head of approx. 6.4 mwc. 

The BKL 1.5M can pump a maximum of 180 l/min (10.8 m3/h) and has a maximum head of approx. 7.8 mwc.

application areas

With its compact structure and large diameter (30 mm), this pump is often used in shipping, the agricultural sector, as a milking parlour pump and in industry.


Productfoto BKL_M_A

bkl 1.0 m/a

Productfoto BKL_M_VV

bkl 1.0 m/vv

Productfoto BKL_M_A

bkl 1.5 m/a

Productfoto BKL_M_VV

bkl 1.5 m/vv