The HKH is a stainless steel 304 submersible pump suitable for pumping clean water. Because of its compact structure and light weight, this pump is used for private applications such as basements and garages.

Although it is a clean water pump, it can pump particles up to 10 mm.

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technical features

Partly because of its top outlet, the HKH is suitable for continuous use.

The HKH pumps have a maximum capacity of 160 l/min (9.6 m3/h) and a maximum head of 9 mwc. The HKH is available in several versions. If you need a compact pump with float, choose the version with a fixed tube float, the HKH 1V/A. If you have more space, you can choose the version with a normal floating float, the HKH 1A. For those applications where no float is needed, the version without float, the HKH 1, is also available.

application areas

Together with the double shaft seal and the relatively high maximum fluid temperature (50 °C), it is a very reliable pump and is also frequently used for industrial applications. An example of this is the discharge of process water.