HNB 400 Auto A

Unique submersible pump for in and around the house. Pump is suitable for pumping clean water from small wells. The pump has a special integrated float switch with knob allowing the pump can operate automatically or manually. Ideal for pumping water from flooded basements and garage wells.

Especially for small pump well of at least 21 x 21 cm.

EN_Clear water
HNB 400 Auto A

technical specifications


  • Material: plastic
  • Mechanical Seal: Carbon Ceramic NBR
  • Impeller type: Vortex
  • Connection: 1½” male thread
  • Max. liquid temperature: 35 °C
  • Max. immersion depth: 5 m
  • Max. particle size: 5 mm
  • Protection class: IPX8
  • Weight: ± 4.1 kg


  • Voltage: 230 v, 50 Hz
  • Power: 0,4 kW
  • Speed: 2850 rpm
  • Cable length: 10 m
  • Insulation class: F
Graph HNB 400 Auto A

Automatic start at 60 mm

Automatic stop at 100 - 180 mm

Including non-return valve

Built-in automatic thermal protection (monophase only)

Suitable for continuous use (if sufficiently submerged)

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