The VORT submersible pumps are small submersible pumps for smaller jobs. They are very manageable due to their light weight and compact construction.

The VORT submersible pumps are made of plastic and are suitable for dirty water. The pumps are able to process contaminants up to a diameter of 35 mm. They are always equipped with a ballcock so that it switches on and off automatically depending on the liquid level.

VORT submersible pumps must always be completely submerged because of their 1½” side outlet. VORT submersible pumps are supplied with a knee with a double hose tail. The working length of the ballcock cable can be adjusted by means of a click system in the handle, this adjusts the freedom of movement of the ballcock cable, so you can adjust the moment of switching on and off to suit your application.

Vort (750A)

technical specifications

VORT submersible pumps deliver a maximum of 208 l/min (12.5 m³/h) and can pump water up to 7.5 metres.


Vort (750A)

vort 750a