AdBlue is a liquid additive for diesel engines to ensure that emissions from these engines are less harmful.

This agent has different chemical properties from water and therefore not every pump is suitable for pumping AdBlue. That is why Kin Pumps has developed a special AdBlue pump line.

AdBlue is often supplied in drums of 1000 litres (IBC) or 200 litres (Drum). The Bluediver submersible pumps are placed in the tank or vessel. If you prefer to place the pump on or above the vessel or tank, you can use our Libelle positive displacement pumps .

The Libelle positive displacement pumps are also available in sets: complete with pump, hose, flow meter, spray gun and a suspension bracket. These sets are easy to attach and detach so that they can also be easily changed when changing a barrel. Consult our application sets for this.

If you need a pump for AdBlue and you cannot find the right pump (set) on our website or if you want advice for your application, please contact one of our sales points to find out the best option for you.

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