Dirty water

Vuil water

This segment includes all pumps that are suitable for pumping dirty water. Wastewater is water that contains solid parts that can be sucked up with the liquid. This could be twigs, leaves or other pieces of dirt. The wastewater pumps have a special impeller which makes it possible to pump larger parts, without this creating too great a risk of damage to the pump.

We currently only have submersible pumps in our range that are suitable for pumping wastewater. The difference between a wastewater and clear water submersible pump is that impellers of wastewater submersible pumps have a larger diameter.

However, due to the larger diameter, wastewater pumps are generally less efficient than clear water pumps. You should therefore check carefully what the risk of solids in the liquid is. Perhaps it is better to choose a clear water pump in combination with a suction filter.

We also have a number of submersible pumps that are supplied with a rod float. These are less sensitive to contamination and are therefore in some cases better than a floating ball float.

If you're having trouble deciding on a suitable pump or float, please contact one of our sales outlets. They can advise you on the best solution for your application.

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