cmd 100

The CMD 100 pumps are jet pumps for clean water with a stainless steel pump housing. The CMD jet pumps are self-priming and therefore capable of handling air. These properties makes them ideal for sucking up water from a lower level, such as a groundwater or cistern used for garden irrigation. In addition to the air handling properties, our jet pumps also have the capability to deliver a relatively high pressure. As a result, they are also used for lighter pressure applications. For example, applications that require a little more pressure than what the water supply network provides as standard. 

The CMD 100 pumps are equipped with fully corrosion resistant solids. They are very suitable as hobby pumps for the applications as described above but can also be used in industry and horticulture. In that case, they are mainly used as a small pressure booster. For example, the water supply equipped with machines that require a small amount of water, but require a slightly higher pressure.

cmd 100

Technical Properties


  • Material: RVS 304
  • Shaft seal: mechanical seal, Car/Cer/NBR
  • Impeller type: Closed
  • Connection: 1 ”female thread
  • Max. liquid temperature: 70 ° C
  • Max. ambient temperature: 50 ° C
  • Protection class: IP55
  • Weight: ± 12 kg
  • Incl. on/off switch


  • Voltage: 230 v, 50 Hz
  • Power: 1.0 kW
  • Maximum current: 6.2 A
  • Speed: 2900 rpm
  • Cable length: 1.5 m
  • Insulation class: F
  • Capacitor: 30 µF / 450V

Built-in automatic thermal protection (single-phase only)

Suitable for continuous use

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Productfoto Expansie Kit

expansion kit

Productfoto Pompconsole

pump console

Productfoto Zuigslangset staand

suction hose set

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