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The pumps in the Hobby segment are pumps that are generally not used on a daily basis but only once in a while. Reliability and simplicity are the main features of these pumps. When you need the pump, you want it to work and for it to be easy to operate.

Our pumps in the Hobby segment are often used for irrigating smaller private gardens and draining large pools of water.

Like our submersible pumps, for example. The pumps in the Hobby segment are always equipped with a float. The float ensures that the pump switches on and off automatically according to the liquid level. Suitable for pumping both clear water and wastewater.

In addition, our jet pumps are also included in the Hobby segment. The self-priming jet pumps are equipped with a cast iron, plastic or stainless-steel pump housing and equipped with an on and off switch on the motor. Ideal for the irrigation of your garden. However, to make your system more user-friendly and to extend the life of your pump, we offer matching accessories .

If you need a pump for AdBlue and you cannot find the right pump (set) on our website or if you want advice for your application, please contact one of our sales outlets to find out the best option for you.

The industry segment includes Kin Pumps products that are extremely suitable for professional use or use in industrial applications. This includes applications where pumps are used daily for several hours.

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